New Driver Car Insurance

"Is getting car insurance for a new driver always hair raising!?"

My car insurance quote made my hair stand on end, is there anything I can do to make it more affordable?

In addition to being a new driver, there are numerous reasons why your car insurance quote is high. It could be because of:

  • your age

  • the level of car crime in your area

  • a lack of car security systems

  • on street parking overnight

  • the car’s performance and specification.

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You could ask to pay by monthly instalments instead of one lump sum. With some insurance companies, though, paying monthly works out more expensive.

Another proactive move would be to obtain the Pass Plus certificate. This is a short course of additional lessons on motorway and night driving taken after the standard driving test. Some insurance companies reward new drivers who obtain this certificate with discounts of up to 30 per cent.

If I am a named driver on my parents’ car policy will I still receive No Claims Bonus?

As a new driver, probably not. The best way to earn those vital years of No Claims Bonus is by taking out a car insurance policy in your own right and driving sensibly.

A mate reckons I could save a packet by getting my mother/father to insure my car and have me as a named driver, is this true?

No. You would almost certainly be breaching the terms and conditions of the policy and therefore rendering it invalid. The insured person, i.e. the person named in the policy as the policy holder, should always be the main driver of the vehicle if not also the registered keeper and owner.

Car insurance companies take a strong line on Non-Disclosure of material facts and regard ‘fronting’ as a serious breach of policy conditions.

I’ve made some modifications to my car, do I need to tell the insurance company about them?

Yes. This is a material change to your vehicle and therefore alters the risk attached to it by the insurance company. Alloy wheels, for instance, may make your vehicle a more attractive target for car thieves. Ultimately, though, car insurance companies will only ever pay out the market value of your vehicle at the time the claim is made. Unless you have an agreed value negotiated, it’s highly debatable whether you would recoup what had been spent on modifications.

Do not be tempted, then, to inflate the estimated value of your vehicle when you take out a car insurance policy. You could find yourself artificially and needlessly increasing the premium.